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California Stem Cell Treatment Center has recently announced a new protocol for Hair regeneration. Based on animal models of hair regrowth (by stimulation of dormant follicles) and anecdotal cases of hair restoration associated with the administration of adult mesenchymal stem cells, sufficient evidence exists to justify a pilot study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a hair […]

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Dr. Berman featured on Fox News

Click this link to view Dr. Berman speak about the Stem Cell Face Lift.

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The Columbus Stem Cell Network, a pioneer in the field of providing multispecialty care for patients who may benefit from the deployment of adult mesenchymal stem cells, is proud to announce the opening of our new site in Beverly Hills. Located on 120 South Spalding, this state of the art facility affords greater convenience to […]

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CSCN featured in Palm Springs Life’s 2011 Top Doctors

Dr. Elliot Lander talks about our vision

Click this link to see our center featured in Palm Springs Life Top Docs for 2011. Dr. Elliot Lander talks about our vision for regenerative medicine.

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Greetings. We have launched our new site!

We want to be a resource for patients suffering from degenerative conditions who want to be involved in what may be the next great advance in medical science…. the power of cellular medicine and translational research leading to advances in regenerative medicine. This site supports our patient funded research program and educates the public about […]

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