California Stem Cell Treatment Center has recently announced a new protocol for Hair regeneration. Based on animal models of hair regrowth (by stimulation of dormant follicles) and anecdotal cases of hair restoration associated with the administration of adult mesenchymal stem cells, sufficient evidence exists to justify a pilot study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a hair regeneration protocol. The protocol will include mild to moderate male pattern alopecia patients. As the study progresses, other patients might be included as well. Enrollment is now open and cost has been minimized to rapidly obtain useful data. Although there is great demand and interest in hair regeneration and many patients were going overseas to groups like Recoverup (currently not taking new patients) to explore stem cell options, there remains a paucity of adequate clinical data on outcomes. CSCN will use stem cells obtained from a person’s own fat and introduce microdoses 5mm into the scalp through thousands of tiny injections in a controlled fashion during an outpatient procedure. Some patients will also received light stimulation of their scalps during the healing period.